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C. Ed Felt wrote:

>    As was previously mentioned, X10 is too simplistic for what I would
>    like to do.  If I understand it correctly, it is more of an "on"/"off"
>    0/1 type solution.  How can I dim my lights or make complex climate
>    control changes on that protocol?  I suppose that being in Network
>    Programming I tend to like IP solutions (way more options in my
>    opinion).  And since I can pre-plan everything on a new house, I can
>    pre-wire exactly what I need, (any complex controllers I can find out
>    there).  I am not restricted by having to use a standard house set up
>    (signaling over power lines).

I have a number of X10 switches and what not around my house and they
are working fine.  That being said I would prefer a *better* solution.
The work fine for what I'm doing, but it's rather simplistic and much of
the reason is because that X10 is pretty limited.  Even though it is
limited though, you CAN actually do more than just on/off.  You have to
have switches that support it, but you can do dimming as well (I use
this quite a lot for auto-dimming lights in my kids room).

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