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C. Ed Felt ed at thefelts.net
Thu Feb 22 20:25:42 MST 2007

   Andrew Jorgensen wrote:

     On 2/20/07, C. Ed Felt [1]<ed at thefelts.net> wrote:

          * I would like to avoid X10, if possible, and stick to IP, or
            wired relay based solutions (if it's not too expensive).

     Why avoid X10?  It seems to be pretty well supported in Linux and
     power-line carrier really does seem the right way to go to control
     stuff that's already connected to power.
     Just curious.

   As was previously mentioned, X10 is too simplistic for what I would
   like to do.  If I understand it correctly, it is more of an "on"/"off"
   0/1 type solution.  How can I dim my lights or make complex climate
   control changes on that protocol?  I suppose that being in Network
   Programming I tend to like IP solutions (way more options in my
   opinion).  And since I can pre-plan everything on a new house, I can
   pre-wire exactly what I need, (any complex controllers I can find out
   there).  I am not restricted by having to use a standard house set up
   (signaling over power lines).


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