sparc livecd

Stephen Ward sjward at
Thu Feb 22 10:23:59 MST 2007

> Does anyone on the list have any experience building bootable linux
> livecds for SPARC?  I've built a customized live cd previously using a
> Gentoo Howto [1], but it doesn't translate perfectly into SPARCese.
> Specifically, there comes a point in the Howto where I have to run the
> mkisofs command, but the mkisofs man page says I have to use the
> "-sparc-boot" flag if I want my CD to be bootable on SPARC.

Thanks Levi and Bryan for your replies.  Although I didn't mention it
originally, the process I described with the Solaris 7 CDs, I did also try
with the Solaris 10 CDs.  The results were similar.

At any rate, I did find a solution to the problem and figured I'd post it to
the list in case anyone is curious.  I figured that if Gentoo is doing it,
and Gentoo is Open Source, there must be some way of finding out how Gentoo
is doing it.  I found the answer on [1].  Gentoo's
solution (surprisingly to me) doesn't use the -sparc-boot flag at all:

mkisofs -J -R -l -z -o ${clst_iso_path} -G /boot/isofs.b -B ...



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