Michael Torrie torriem at
Wed Feb 21 19:32:36 MST 2007

On Wed, 2007-02-21 at 19:13 -0700, Ryan Byrd wrote:
> Cougars might be slightly more radioactive than Wolverines. Here's why:
> there used to be a nuclear reactor on BYU campus and I was told that some
> buildings still have higher than average background radiation. Rumor has
> that the walls in the Widtsoe Building in particular make a Geiger counter
> go crazy.

I'd think the lead in the paint on the walls of that old building would
be a perfect shelter.  

The location of the reactor was on the south end of campus, partway up
the hill below the Benson Building. I believe there are some remains of
the structure there to this day.  Most people who see it assume it's a
storage shed for the gardening equipment.  I've always wanted to take a
Geiger counter and go see if it is radioactive at all.



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