Daniel C. dcrookston at
Wed Feb 21 18:13:31 MST 2007

Found it:

His name is Edward McGaffigan, one of the five commissioners of the NRC.

"[He] says if there was one thing he could convince people of about
nuclear power it's that radiation is everywhere, and its risks should
be kept in perspective.

"We self-irradiate ourselves at 40 millirems (a unit for measuring
small doses of radiation) per year because of the potassium 40 we
carry in our bodies. "[In] double beds, you know your spouse will
irradiate you to about 2 or 3 millirems a year," McGaffigan said.
"These are doses we actually regulate at. And I've always wondered,
when people demand even tighter [nuclear] regulation, why they're not
demanding that double beds be regulated or bananas be regulated or
Brazil nuts be regulated.""

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