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Jeremy Hansen atticusser at
Wed Feb 21 13:59:30 MST 2007

On 2/21/07, Ryan Simpkins <plug at> wrote:Why I like Omniture:

> 1) The people. From the executives down they are professional, nice, and
> just plain
> good to work with. Omniture's hiring mantra is: "Mean people suck." And
> they do,
> they really do. If any Omniture employee (including Blake) doesn't fit
> that mantra,
> they won't last long here.
> 2) The technology. Omniture runs one of the ten largest MySQL
> installations in the
> world. We do 180,000,000,000 SQL queries daily. We have really good gear,
> no
> cork-board servers here. At nearly 9,000 Linux servers I believe you will
> not find
> many other places in the Orem/Provo area that offer a similar opportunity.
> With
> things like our expanding SAN fabric it is just getting better. The recent
> thread
> asking how to store a petabyte is a good example. Omniture has well beyond
> that
> amount in on-line storage alone. I could go on here, Omniture is doing
> some amazing
> things. Our customers purchased the best and we are going to build the
> right system
> to support them.
> 3) The work environment. When Omniture throws a party you don't miss it.
> It is very
> much a work hard play hard atmosphere. I walk in the doors in the morning
> and feel
> ready to tackle the day.
> 4) Omniture rocks the competition. Omniture is changing the game in our
> space. Our
> competitors have been unable to match our moves. Who wants to play for a
> loosing
> team? We have blacked out the rear-view mirror and we are driving like
> crazy.
> 5) Long term vision. Omniture isn't out there making snap decisions and
> driving the
> bottom line next quarter. Their goal is long-term growth. They are making
> the best
> decisions they can now so two or three years from now we will be in a
> singularly
> unique position in our space. This concept reaches every aspect of how the
> company
> is managed. Omniture is interested in keeping me around for years and
> years, not
> just for the "Utah tech" average of 18 months.

Wow. Sounds like we should have hired Ryan as PR director instead of Blake

Go Omniture!

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