How to store a petabyte?

Shane Hathaway shane at
Wed Feb 21 13:09:34 MST 2007

Brad Zobrist wrote:
> Your asking for two solutions.
>> How should I do it? Initially the data will be in large (several MB)
>> binary
>> objects and could be stored as files, but eventually, it will need to be
>> placed into a relational database like Oracle.
> 1- a system extremely dense and cheap faster that tape/cd
> 2- an extremely fast system able to handle OLTP/database transactions.
> Here you go.
> 1.
> ------------------------
> Nexsan SATABeast fiber attached.


> 2.
> -------------------------
> 3Par S800

I've been looking at big storage for a while, and these are very good 
recommendations.  I've been wondering about how those SATABeasts 
connect, though.  Do they appear as a virtual tape library?  If a server 
wants to add or remove a file, does it use some VTL software?


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