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Wed Feb 21 12:06:14 MST 2007

On Wed, 2007-02-21 at 11:51 -0700, Steve wrote:
> Actually I don't at all think it's idiotic.
> SCO has become a pariah, because of Daryl, Blake  and etc.

SCO is a pariah. SCO management is a pariah. SCO's lawyers are a pariah.
SCO PR? I actually feel a little grudging respect that he held on so
long. Now it's possible that he stuck around because he's a no-talent
hack, but if he is skilled you've gotta admire someone that keeps trying
despite such a hopeless situation.

> If I were looking for work, I wouldn't go to Omniture, because Blake
> Stowell was just hired on.

I could understand avoiding former SCO management. I can understand
avoiding former SCO lawyers. I can't imagine how a former SCO PR person
could possibly be involved in SCO's stupidity (beyond trying to explain
it), nor how a PR person could lead another company down the same path.
If a PR person can decide the direction of a company, I'd avoid that
company no matter where the PR person came from. But I doubt Omniture is
so messed up that it's driven by PR instead of management.

> If I were looking to hire someone, I'ld be extra cautious about
> bringing in anyone who had SCO on their resume.

Depends on what they were doing. There are definitely certain classes of
SCO employees I'd stay away from, but not all.

> If I were an ex-SCO employee I'ld consider filing suit against the new
> management (if such a thing is even possible), for making it harder
> for me to find work, by becoming a pariah, a fact which like it or
> lump it, reflects on me.

Why? You'd have had a chance to leave at any point. If you chose to
stay, you'd deserve any reputation you got.

> So no it's not an idiotic comment, it's a statement of truth from an
> outsider looking in.

It is an idiotic comment.

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