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Steve smorrey at
Wed Feb 21 11:39:22 MST 2007

If I were a former SCO employee, I'ld seriously consider filing suit
against Daryl and friends.

On 2/21/07, Frank Sorenson <frank at> wrote:
> Jeremy Hansen wrote:
> > It does say something about Omniture's ethics: that they aren't going to
> > take a bigoted approach to hiring. As a current Omniture and former SCO
> > employee, I appreciate that *most* people (and companies) don't equate a
> > person's character to their ex-employer's policies. For me, the best thing
> > about leaving SCO was not having to talk about it anymore. I suspect Blake
> > feels the same way. He is more than qualified to do this job if only by
> > virtue of the fact that his previous one was so difficult. Let's just be
> > glad that at least Omniture hires based on qualifications and not misguided
> > perceptions.
> Hmm, okay.  I disagree, but you've stated well an alternate viewpoint
> to my own
> Frank
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