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Brandon Beattie brandon+plug at beatties.us
Wed Feb 21 11:36:44 MST 2007

On Wed, Feb 21, 2007 at 12:04:37PM -0500, blr at robertsr.us wrote:
> > On 2/21/07, Barry Roberts <blr at robertsr.us> wrote:
> >
> > Vista Media Center now supports HDTV (previous XP versions didn't) -
> > I've never tried to make a DVD or VCD off of HDTV though.  I imagine
> > you could probably at least convert the video to another format and
> > burn it if not.  My biggest frustration however is that there is no
> > way to get the HDTV from your cable or satellite box to your PC in
> > HDTV form.  It all has to be over-the-air for that to happen.
> Digital cable or satellite can require more tweaking with MythTV than I
> was willing to do.  IR output sounds like a pain.

Myth does support firewire ripping from a few cable and satellite settop
boxes.  No IR blasting, down scaling or other quirks.  It's also not
widely known that cable and satellite companies, by law, must give you a
firewire enabled box if you ask for one.  Some companies happily hand
them over and some you have to fax sections of the fcc mandate and
threaten to turn them into the fcc before they'll give you one.  Some
come with firewire disabled and you have to read online how to enable
them.  Or you can pay a few companies to add firewire to them, but
that's a little extreme to me.


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