How to store a petabyte?

Brad Zobrist mitchk at
Wed Feb 21 10:43:33 MST 2007

Your asking for two solutions.

> How should I do it? Initially the data will be in large (several MB)
> binary
> objects and could be stored as files, but eventually, it will need to be
> placed into a relational database like Oracle.
1- a system extremely dense and cheap faster that tape/cd
2- an extremely fast system able to handle OLTP/database transactions.

Here you go.

Nexsan SATABeast fiber attached.
42x 500 GB drives (750GB available but cost significantly more)
20TB with RAID 5
11 per rack
220TB per rack
5 racks needed for 1PB
$2.1 million
*everything is fiber attached so you'll need a fiber infrastructure and head
units but for cheap dense disk faster than tape/DVD
that's your solution.

If your buying ~50 nexsans you'll probably be able to get them for 30k
rather than 40k saving $500k.

We're currently using 9 SATABeasts in production and have not had a single
drive fail in ~6 months.

*The nexsans will not handle OLTP type usage.
If you are looking for something to handle an oracle database you should
look at 3Par.
3Par S800
640x 144GB 10k drives
73.6 TB usable with RAID 5
2 racks
$1.46M (about)
28 racks needed for 1PB
14x S800
$20.44 Million

This is by far the best solution we've tested if you need to run a database
off it.
It is also easily scaleable. You'd have about ~9000 drives. Myspace is
currently running ~6000 drives on 3par.
We have 1x 3par in production with 140 drives behind it which handles one of
our databases and has tested very well.

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