Jobs: Openings at Omniture

Frank Sorenson frank at
Wed Feb 21 10:29:30 MST 2007

Bryan Petty wrote:
> On 2/20/07, Frank Sorenson <frank at> wrote:
>> I'm sure that Omniture is a great place to work, and all, and that 
>> there are lots of great positions open there.  However, the position 
>> of PR Director just got filled 
>> (, and by none other 
>> than Blake Stowell.  Hopefully that doesn't say anything about 
>> Omniture's ethics or future as a company.
> Stowell is a PR Director. It's his job to say what the execs want him
> to say. His job is just to filter it in a way that it's going to avoid
> (ignorantly) burning down any bridges to possible future endeavors
> explaining it (spin comes with the job description I'm sure) in the
> most positive light possible. The way I look at it, Omniture is smart
> to pick him up now that he has experience of dealing with the SCO
> issues on his belt. If any even remotely similar situation ever pops
> up, he's likely to come out ahead.
> You could look at it this way. If you ever work for Omniture, he could
> very well save you from losing your job. :)

Hmm, okay.  I'll take that as an alternate viewpoint to my own...

> P.S. Please wrap your emails at 72 characters. I believe it's a
> default option in Thunderbird, I don't know how you even turn it off.

Right, sorry.  It's easy enough to switch wrapping (Edit->Preferences,
General tab, "Wrap palin text messages at __ characters"), but
sometimes I forget to switch it back after sending off something
I don't want wrapped (inline patch, log entry, etc.).


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