Jobs: Openings at Omniture

Jeremy Hansen atticusser at
Wed Feb 21 09:16:09 MST 2007

On 2/20/07, Frank Sorenson <frank at> wrote:
> I'm sure that Omniture is a great place to work, and all, and that there
> are lots of great positions open there.  However, the position of PR
> Director just got filled (,
> and by none other than Blake Stowell.  Hopefully that doesn't say anything
> about Omniture's ethics or future as a company.

It does say something about Omniture's ethics: that they aren't going to
take a bigoted approach to hiring. As a current Omniture and former SCO
employee, I appreciate that *most* people (and companies) don't equate a
person's character to their ex-employer's policies. For me, the best thing
about leaving SCO was not having to talk about it anymore. I suspect Blake
feels the same way. He is more than qualified to do this job if only by
virtue of the fact that his previous one was so difficult. Let's just be
glad that at least Omniture hires based on qualifications and not misguided

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