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Wed Feb 21 09:04:41 MST 2007

On 2/21/07, Michael Brailsford <brailsmt at> wrote:
> You space wrapping nazis.  Just read the freaking email in whatever form it comes, instead of forcing people to accept your way of doing things.  Unless of course, the email comes in HTML format, THEN we can start lynching those people.

The problem isn't with reading the mail, it's with replying. It has
the tendency to result in some clients breaking up lines into 10 word
and 2 word line pairs when quoting already quoted emails, and makes
visually reading quoted emails near impossible to tell what's quoted
once, and what's quoted twice making it hard to tell who said what. On
top of that, it should be obvious from this email, that my current
client only felt one quote marker was needed for your entire
paragraph, which also makes it slightly hard to tell where the quote
ends and my text begins. This is ten times worse when it comes to
people who love to leave replies on the very next line after a quote
rather than using some space (at least Gmail color codes quoted text,
or this would be hell for some lists I am required to deal with stuff
like this for work).

On a list where people love to double quote (like you just barely did)
rather than trimming to the relevant subject, it's more about having
some courtesy. I guess I forget that this list isn't really a
"professional discussion" list, thanks for being a dick about it.

It is listed in the Netiquette under Usenet [1], though I believe the
same rules and reasons apply to email on mailing lists.


Bryan Petty

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