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You space wrapping nazis.  Just read the freaking email in whatever form it comes, instead of forcing people to accept your way of doing things.  Unless of course, the email comes in HTML format, THEN we can start lynching those people.

While we are on it, I should mention that emacs sucks, vim rules.  Ruby is 1000% better than any other scripting language.  Bottom posting rulez!!!1  Tabs should be expanded to spaces.  They should be 4 spaces, not 2, not 3, just 4.  Uhmm, what else?   Hrmmm...

Get over the 72 column thing.

flame on...


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On 2/20/07, Frank Sorenson <frank at> wrote:
> I'm sure that Omniture is a great place to work, and all, and that there are lots of great positions open there.  However, the position of PR Director just got filled (, and by none other than Blake Stowell.  Hopefully that doesn't say anything about Omniture's ethics or future as a company.

Stowell is a PR Director. It's his job to say what the execs want him
to say. His job is just to filter it in a way that it's going to avoid
(ignorantly) burning down any bridges to possible future endeavors
explaining it (spin comes with the job description I'm sure) in the
most positive light possible. The way I look at it, Omniture is smart
to pick him up now that he has experience of dealing with the SCO
issues on his belt. If any even remotely similar situation ever pops
up, he's likely to come out ahead.

You could look at it this way. If you ever work for Omniture, he could
very well save you from losing your job. :)

Bryan Petty

P.S. Please wrap your emails at 72 characters. I believe it's a
default option in Thunderbird, I don't know how you even turn it off.

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