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Levi Pearson levi at
Tue Feb 20 21:59:45 MST 2007

"Alex Esplin" <alex.esplin at> writes:
> This is one of the things I'm liking about my studies at BYU.
> Occasionally it becomes quite a time burden to teach myself the tools
> to implement the principles taught in the classes.  But, this is a
> time burden I usually place on myself as I try to pick up and keep
> good programming practices along the way, as well as try to use
> features of tools that I haven't used before, etc...  This often has a
> negative effect on my grades, even though it has a positive effect on
> my actual learning.

When I was taking classes there, I appreciated the fact that I was
left to learn the tools outside of class, for the most part.  It left
more time for covering the hard stuff in class.  I still try to do a
combination of honing my skills with tools I know and learning new
tools with my UVSC projects, but learning new ones is pretty

>> In fact, I've compiled quite a few resources myself, if anyone is
>> interested.
> I'm definitely interested, as I'm also always bookmarking anything
> that appears to be a resource I can come back to and learn from.

I'll work on compiling a list, then.  I've got a lot of free
textbooks, research papers, etc. sitting on my hard drive, as well as
some URLs for online resources.  If only I had time to work through
them all....


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