How to store a petabyte?

Dave Smith dave at
Tue Feb 20 18:32:36 MST 2007

Ryan Byrd wrote:
> Let's say I need to store a petabyte of data. I need fast access 
> (tape/DVDs
> aren't fast enough) and redundancy like RAID.
> How should I do it?

Ask the Mozy dudes. They might already have that much data, and if not, 
they'll probably be there pretty soon.

Failing that, you could also buy 2,000 500GB IDE drives in USB 
enclosures. ;) How many USB drives can you attach to a single system anyway?

Third option: Wait 10 years, and buy a single disk with 1PB. You may 
spend that long getting the system operational anyway. :)

By the way, this guy seems to think it'll happen in 3 years (don't 
believe him):

Fifth option: Buy this from EMC:

Sixth option: Buy this girl's optical media:

Interesting trivia: It is estimated that the world produces about 1 
petabyte of data in the form of email every day.

Last trivia: the Mozilla Thunderbird spell checker doesn't know what a 
petabyte is, but that's okay because it also doesn't know the word 
Mozilla or Thunderbird.


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