How to store a petabyte?

Alex Esplin alex.esplin at
Tue Feb 20 17:01:40 MST 2007

On 2/20/07, Ryan Byrd <ryanbyrd at> wrote:
> Scenario 3:
> ----------------
> HP ProLiant DL320s Server
> 12 250GB SATA 7.2k drives
> 2.7GB with RAID 5
> 3U
> $5.8K
> 14 per rack
> $81.2K per rack
> 37.8TB per rack
> 27 racks needed for 1PB
> $2.2 million

I didn't check to see if "2.7GB with RAID 5" was just a typo, but I
would say that this would be a good system.  A: It's less than half
the cost of the nearest competitor.  B: Power use and physical space
would be less than any of the others.  C: For a fairly insignificant
price boost (once you cross $1 million it's academic unless it adds
another digit) you could swap 250 GB drives with 500 GB drives and cut
down even more on # of racks needed, thereby reducing power
consumption even more and save back the cost to upgrade the drives
relatively quickly.

Of course, at work we recently put together an array that if
duplicated to fill one of your 44U racks would beat most of what
you've listed.  I'm not sure of the details, Michael Torrie could tell
you.  Are you only looking for "corporate" solutions?

Alex Esplin

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