UVSC BYU U of U etc was"Software Engineering

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Dangit, I thought this thread died already.  I can sum up all the arguments like this:

1)  UVSC is not a school for morons that we all thought it was.
2)  BYU CS department is worthless.
3)  UofU graduates drop off the face of the planet after graduation.
4)  ???
5)  Profit!

Anyway, you went to the school you went to for whatever reason you had at the time, make the best of it.  I am happy with my education.

Heck, I have a DeVry graduate friend that is probably more competent than most on this list, myself included.  I mean if even DeVry can produce really good engineers, maybe good engineering has more to do with the individual than with the school.

<disclaimer>If you haven't figured it out yet, there is quite a bit of sarcasm in this post.</disclaimer>


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Dave Smith <dave at thesmithfam.org> writes:
> When you say that MIT's CS program is grounded in practical
> applications, are you referring specifically to the fact that a
> student can complete the MIT CS program without coding anything except
> Lisp? Because that's what came to my mind. Grounded in practical
> applications? I don't think so. Valuable? Absolutely.

I meant this: http://web.mit.edu/facts/mission.html

An excerpt: 

"Rogers stressed the pragmatic and practicable. He believed
that professional competence is best fostered by coupling teaching and
research and by focusing attention on real-world problems. Toward this
end, he pioneered the development of the teaching laboratory.

Today MIT is a world-class educational institution. Teaching and
research--with relevance to the practical world as a guiding
principle--continue to be its primary purpose."

What, in particular, do you find impractical about Lisp?  Are Lisp
programs not REAL programs?  When a Lisp program finds the solution to
a problem, is that solution invalidated by the language?  Anyway, I
doubt that you can get through the MIT CS program today without
learning more than Scheme.  The intro to programming course will be
switching to Python soon, anyway.  Is that practical enough for you?


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