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Mister E Mister.Ed at AgoraCart.com
Tue Feb 20 13:54:25 MST 2007

Hill, Greg wrote:
> It's not an endorsement, unless it's an endorsement of the fact that
> people no longer understand the difference between a trade school and a
> University.  I never faulted the people for getting what they want,
> anyway.  I just said it was a waste of money (i.e. I consider it a waste
> of money, not the people who got what they wanted).  

I thought I saw a little blurb about the multimedia program at UVSC.  If 
so, that is one edu program that does bite at UVSC.  While talking to a 
few of our employees about this particular topic, a couple have 
expressed frustration the last little while at the overall goofiness of 
that particular program. It IS a waste of time and money.  I think you 
can have some edu tracks at just about any school that should be 
derailed (or greatly improved)... this is one such beast at UVSC, one 
that makes it look bad (that I know of).

But UVSC's CS and Business programs don't bring any negative points to 
mind at this point.

Mister Ed

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