Home Automation

Shane Hathaway shane at hathawaymix.org
Tue Feb 20 09:35:55 MST 2007

C. Ed Felt wrote:
>    Some of you may cringe when I say "Home Automation" since it can mean
>    so many things.  I am building a home in a few months and would like
>    to get some pointers from any of you with experience.
>    I will get to run my own low voltage wiring, (before the dry-wallers
>    :-) ).

Here's what I've always wanted to try: fill the walls with empty PVC 
pipes, so you can later run different cables without breaking walls. 
Today you might want gigabit ethernet, but tomorrow you might want fiber 
  instead.  To run a new cable, put a string into the wall at one end 
and suck the string from the other end with a vacuum hose.  Use the 
string to pull a small wire, then use the wire to pull your cable.

If that didn't work, I'd just run gigabit ethernet to every room, plus a 
few standard cables for telephones and the TV antenna.  Ethernet and 
Linux could be enough for everything you'd like to do, but if you decide 
to sell your house, the future owners will probably need the other 
cables. :-)

BTW you should also consider a central vacuum system.  I've only heard 
about them, but they sound great.

>      * I would like to avoid X10, if possible, and stick to IP, or actual
>        wired relay based solutions (if it's not too expensive).

I've also tried to avoid X10, but I have found no good replacement.  I 
want something that's radio based and uses rotating codes, similar to a 
garage door opener.  Please let me know if you find something.


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