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C. Ed Felt ed at thefelts.net
Tue Feb 20 06:26:54 MST 2007

   Some of you may cringe when I say "Home Automation" since it can mean
   so many things.  I am building a home in a few months and would like
   to get some pointers from any of you with experience.
   I will get to run my own low voltage wiring, (before the dry-wallers
   :-) ).
   Things I am interested in:
     * Security (cameras, motion etc.).
     * Is "wired" cheaper than wireless?
     * Custom, in wall, speakers and theater.
     * Home theater (Computer based of course - mp3, DVD caching to HDD
     * Lighting, (timers and dimming would be nice).
     * Heating/Air Conditioning (remote controlled from PC of course).
     * Computer controlled, (Linux of course).
     * As inexpensive as possible.  I may just run the lines first, and
       add the hardware as I can afford it.

   Any books anyone can recommend, (books you have actually used), would
   be greatly appreciated.  Any other resources (like web sites that are
   not just giant ads for a product) or personal experience/comments
   would be nice too.
   Stuff I don't need help with:
     * Networking (wireless and wired).
     * VoIP
     * I would like to avoid X10, if possible, and stick to IP, or actual
       wired relay based solutions (if it's not too expensive).
     * No prepackaged, over priced, one vendor solution, (especially NOT
       with Wind :-$ w$ based software).

   In short, if you were building a house, and had free reign to run all
   the low voltage wiring you want, what would you do?  As most of you
   are professionals, hackers and tinkerers (like me) I assume you have
   some ideas.


   Thank You,

   C. Ed Felt
   [1]ed at thefelts.net
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