Local Companies - Everyone Help by Reading Please

Ryan Simpkins plug at ryansimpkins.com
Sun Feb 18 00:42:16 MST 2007

Hello Everyone,

I have decided I'm totally insane...

I don't have enough to do. The wife, five kids, full-time job, and PLUG aren't
keeping me busy enough. Please fill out the company questionnaire form below for
your company. Please respond directly to ryan at ryansimpkins.com. I will sift through
it all and add companies to the web site (http://www.plug.org/companies). If you
don't, I'll have to go get a dog or something.

**Also: We still have the following volunteer positions open. You do _not_ need to
live in Utah to help out on this. Right now we really just need help organizing
portions of the site:

Open Source Employment Specialist (help your fellow Linux Geek get a job).

New Member Coordinator (help a future Linux Geek out by showing the way).

These are not hard jobs, but a couple of people need to step up to fill them. I
believe they would really be beneficial to the group.

That brings up a good question: Can we please shorten "Linux Geek" to "Leek" or, for
the GNU fan boys: "Gleek"? ;-)

-Ryan Simpkins

Here is that questionnaire:
--- Company Questionnaire ---
Company name:


Website Address:

Stock Symbol:

Number of employees:

Open Source Job Types (choose all that apply):
 Quality Assurance
 System Administrator
 System Analyst
 Network Administrator
 Database Administrator
 IT Manager
 Other IT Positions
 General Positions

Open Source Uses (choose all that apply):
 Embedded Devices

Estimated value of Open Source to business (choose one):
Very High Value
High Value
Medium Value
Low Value
Very Low Value

Does the company use Linux in a mission-critical role (yes/no)?

Please also provide a short description of your company. This may include details
regarding how the business is using open source, system size, etc.

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