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Fri Feb 16 20:30:53 MST 2007

Thus said Steve on Fri, 16 Feb 2007 12:16:46 MST:

> Honestly I'm more worried about my wristwatch.

I'm just as worried  about my watch that I purchased a  year or two ago,
as well as  the wall clocks that  I have purchased over  the years. Each
one has  timezone abilities, as  well as DST  , however, unless  the DST
change is also  transmitted with the atomic signal  that they sychronize
with, they will be out of kilter for a couple of weeks.

What I would like to know is how this thing just kind of came out of the
blue. Did We the People have any say in the matter or are we just a huge
test tube  for this kind  of thing? Had I  known of such  changes coming
down  the pike,  I  most certainly  would have  opposed  them.

> I purchased  it immediately  prior to  the changes,  and as  such even
> though it does  the switch over on DST automatically  based on where I
> live, this feature is now going to  be "broken", and now it looks like
> I may have to set my watch 4 times per year instead of 2 :(.

And  I purchased  my watch  (atomic  as well)  and all  the wall  clocks
specifically because I  didn't even want to bother changing  the clock 2
times a  year. It  does so  automatically. Hopefully  this functionality
will  automagically  work due  to  the  atomic  signal,  but I'm  a  bit
skeptical. Anyone have  any insight into how these actually  work and if
I'm at risk of having broken clocks (or manually set) for a while?

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