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Fri Feb 16 20:24:20 MST 2007

Thus said Hans Fugal on Fri, 16 Feb 2007 11:22:31 MST:

> If there's  an increase will the  repeal it altogether? Fire  up those
> servers come march!

I think  this could be  a good idea  (at least for  one or two  days). I
wonder how many people/computers it  would take in participation to skew
their ``calculations''  enough for  them to  decide that  tampering with
time isn't such a good idea anyway. Besides, even if it is, who are they
to mandate  what I do  with sleep  and when I  arise? I guess  they just
don't realize that they can't conserve  energy, nor can they control its
use. The only thing  that would truly cause a decrease  in the amount of
energy used would be a price increase. Even then, it is more likely that
more efficient methods  of energy would develop as a  result and society
would be much better off.

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