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Levi Pearson levi at cold.org
Fri Feb 16 17:22:53 MST 2007

"Daniel C." <dcrookston at gmail.com> writes:
> Can you give some examples in CS?  It just occurred to me that just
> because I've never heard of such a thing doesn't mean it doesn't
> exist.  You listed dreaming up new complexity classes, is there
> anything else?

I already mentioned quantum computing research.  Trying to discern
their differences from traditional computers, analyzing the kinds of
computations they could perform, if normal complexity theory works the
same with them, etc.  All of this without a quantum computer to run a
program on.  Yes, I'm aware that someone has claimed to build one, but
clearly only a few people have actually used it.

A lot of research in the programming languages field is also not
directly related to running programs on computers.  Quite a lot of it
is trying to figure out new kinds of type systems that are able to
express more concepts without becoming so powerful that they become
undecidable.  Also, there is research into designing languages that
are amenable to having more characteristics statically proved.  Most
of this research does involve running programs on computers, but those
programs are there to assist in doing proofs, not as the end product.
Quite a bit of scientific research in other fields involves running
programs on computers, too.


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