Hill, Greg grhill at corp.untd.com
Fri Feb 16 11:07:52 MST 2007

> I  wonder how  many  places  will just  ignore  the  stupid DST
> (whether by choice or lack thereof).  Imagine all the software out
> that is no longer supported and cannot  be updated.

Since the DST is handled by the OS in most cases, I think that it'll
only take a simple update to fix any system.  Of course, that's limited
to OS's that I know about, but Linux, Unix, BSD, OS:X, and Windows are
all covered.  Unless someone else went to the trouble of redoing what
the OS already handled, which is possible.

I wish they'd get rid of DST as well, but they seem to think it helps
energy conservation.  The latest changes are to test that theory.  If
there's not a significant change, it'll revert in a few years.  Probably
about when we get used to it.


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