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Fri Feb 16 07:48:36 MST 2007

On 2/15/07, Andy Bradford <amb-1166294724 at bradfords.org> wrote:
> Thus said "Lars Rasmussen" on Tue, 13 Feb 2007 07:43:32 MST:
> > Whoa  there. If  we  didn't over-legislate  &  regulate, people  might
> > start  governing themselves,  with  all the  implications of  personal
> > responsibility. Free  markets might further develop.  Nations might be
> > more independent.
> Looks like  my attempt at  sarcasm wasn't  so clean. Those  who actually
> know me  (we've never met so  you can't have known  really), will attest
> that I'm clearly an anti-state, free market activist.
> I was hoping my comment would make people think a little about things by
> touching on  something that is likely  very dear to any  techie's heart:
> the Internet and  regulation thereof. Maybe if people can  see the light
> about regulation of this one thing  and thus realize how the State truly
> functions,  they can  begin to  apply  it to  other areas  and begin  to
> realize that regulation/legislation is not,  nor does it foster, freedom
> by any stretch of the word.

Your attempt at sarcasm was understood.  Mine own attempt to add it to
it, perhaps was not so much so.

I'm very supportive of the principles of limited government, limited
legislation/regulation, and free markets myself.  I also believe in
personal responsibility, and strongly influence and control my
children's access to media, including what we allow in our home.  The
kids' computer in our home does not yet have a network connection, but
will soon.

In my case I'll be choosing 'deny all' for my children's computer, and
whitelisting sites as my wife and I decide what we would like our kids
to access.  For my kids the computer is to be a tool & a special
privilege, and I want them to be able to learn well from it.

I am not excited about the prospect of my kids wasting endless hours
on some crap site like disney.com when they could be reading a good
book.  I do not want my children exposed to someone else's internet
marketing model with which my wife & I disagree, but I support free
markets.  The two things do not seem mutually exclusive to me.

And while I'm on my soapbox, why are there 15-20 minutes of
commercials before I watch a movie on DVD or at the theater?  I guess
I'll need to exercise my fair use rights to strip those features out
of a DVD or not be present in the theater while the commercials &
previews run.

Again, it's free markets _and_ free will.


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