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Levi Pearson levi at cold.org
Thu Feb 15 20:51:00 MST 2007

"Ryan Byrd" <ryanbyrd at gmail.com> writes:
> Irrespective of your reasons for working, a job interview is a negotiation.
> How much money you end up working for largely depends on your actions during
> that exercise. If you want to be employed for peanuts in order to convince
> others that you definitely don't work for money, that's certainly a
> prerogative. Plus, it frees up money for the rest of us.

I don't think anyone here wants to work for peanuts to prove a point
to someone else.  If someone chooses a low-paying job over a
high-paying job, it's probably because they are comfortable with the
low pay and really enjoy the work.  Not everyone's priorities are
going to line up, but I think a lot of people would choose a fun,
fulfilling job that pays less than another significantly less fun and
fulfilling job.


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