I want to learn a new language...

Hill, Greg grhill at corp.untd.com
Thu Feb 15 15:36:53 MST 2007

> Six figures is a good paying job.  I heard once that 50k is the
> *average* Utah wage.  I have no source to back that up.

About 5 years ago I read that the average family wage for Provo was
$29,000.  It was about 10th from the bottom of a list of 250 cities
across the US.  This, of course, was on a website and I have no idea
where they got the figures.  I also don't know if they count students in
that average, but it was pretty sad nonetheless.  Salt Lake was a bit
higher, but not more than halfway up the list.  Considering that po-dunk
towns in the middle of nowhere fared better than Provo, I think that
says something about the area.  It has seemingly changed for the better
lately, but I think we're still far below average, especially based on
cost of living.  

> Regardless, I am not average.  Are you?

Nope, I'm above average in most areas, including weight :D

> Snobby elitism rules!!

I prefer condescending holier-than-thou elitism, but whatever.

I apologize if po-dunk is the incorrect spelling. I've never actually
written the word before, nor have I seen it in print.


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