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Jonathan Duncan jonathan at bluesunhosting.com
Thu Feb 15 14:26:35 MST 2007

On Thu, 15 Feb 2007, Hill, Greg wrote:

> Well, you are paying for OS:X, but mostly you're just paying inflated
> prices because Apple can get away with it, being the only vendor
> providing hardware for their OS.  Equivalently spec'ed machines will
> cost 30-50% more to have the Apple name on them (I did this the other
> day, the PC branded laptops were ~$1500 compared to a ~$2200 Apple -
> same processor, memory, video card, hard drive space, screen size).  My
> remaining comments have to do with their desktops, as I have only thus
> far actually used their desktops.  I've heard many people say that Apple
> uses superior components, but this is debatable if not totally false.
> Their monitors, for instance, are generally rated much lower than
> equivalently priced ones from Viewsonic or Samsung.  They generally use
> high-latency memory (or at least don't allow for lower-latency memory).
> Don't even get me started on how awful their keyboards and mice are.
> The 'mighty' mouse is pretty much a joke and uncomfortable to use for
> any decent length of time.  The only reason I have seen to buy Apple
> hardware is if you want OS:X (or if you want to brag about how much more
> you spent on your machine).  Anyway, sorry if I turned this into an
> Apple flamefest.

Flame on.  I still enjoy my Mac and feel justified in the money I paid for 


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