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Alex Esplin alex.esplin at gmail.com
Thu Feb 15 13:59:19 MST 2007

On 2/15/07, Justin Findlay <justin at jfindlay.us> wrote:
> I'd prefer not to pay the Microsoft or the OSX tax levied on all new
> machines (except for system76 as Christer mentioned and there are a few
> other nontaxed laptop makers out there too).

If you see buying a Mac as paying an "OSX tax" then obviously you may
be better served by one of the system76 machines.  However, I don't
see buying a Mac and getting OSX as paying a tax, as in the tax levied
by Microsoft on the price of all new PC's.  I simply seeing it as
paying for hardware and software that are extremely well suited to
each other.

Mac doesn't impose a "tax" on anyone who wants to potentially sell
their OS with a computer like MS, because they are the only ones who
sell their OS.  Like Michael, I recommend Macs to people I know who
are in the market for a new computer for the very reason stated above,
that you get a very good hardware package and software that is very
well suited for it.  I don't know you as well as some of the others on
the list do, and was therefore unaware of any "licensing prejudices"
you may have about paying for an OS.

If that is the case I can completely understand that it would probably
serve your ideals (and your wallet) to look elsewhere.  In looking
outside of Apple, it would only make since to lean strongly toward
Christer's system76 machines or the ones from someplace like
www.linuxcertified.com who are smaller dealers and don't have to pay
Microsoft for an OS that they don't want to put on a computer.

Whatever the case is, happy hunting.

Alex Esplin

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