[OT] Worst Language Ever!

Levi Pearson levi at cold.org
Thu Feb 15 12:52:52 MST 2007

Jacob Albretsen <jakea at xmission.com> writes:

> Another vote for VB.  VB.NET is what I worked with specifically for
> a bit and it gave me nightmares for weeks.  ;) Not sure how that
> that is related to VB 6 or whatever because I ran away from the
> project as fast as I could.

Now, I haven't used VB.NET myself, but I understand it's had a pretty
serious overhaul to work on the .net platform, and that it's much more
like a facade over C# than it was before.  Furthermore, I've got a lot
of respect for Eric Meijer, who is a Microsoft researcher with a
background in Haskell programming who has done a lot of work on VB and
its integration with SQL Server.  I can't imagine that it's truly that
bad of a language now, even if it is called Basic.


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