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Bart Whiteley bart.plug at whiteley.org
Thu Feb 15 12:49:37 MST 2007

> 55% of BYU BS degree grads earn less than 30K in their first year after
> graduation and only 4% earned over 60K (compare that to almost twice as
> many
> from UVSC)
> Quote: "UVSC graduates overwhelmingly lead the way in terms of employment
> with 83.9% of its graduates in the workforce and 78.4% employed full-time.
> The next highest was USU with 74.7% percent in the labor force. USU and
> bachelor's graduates were employed at a significantly higher rate than the
> other schools, while BYU bachelor's graduates were employed full-time at
> the
> lowest rate [57%]".

Unemployed people generally make less than $30k.   Maybe it is simply the
case that far more BYU grads simply don't seek full-time employment.  Stay
at home Moms or part-time working Moms and the like.  This was mentioned
briefly in the last paragraph of the report, but I didn't look closely
enough to see if the numbers were already adjusted for such things.

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