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Mark Higbee mark at impactprocessing.com
Thu Feb 15 12:25:21 MST 2007

Most likely because it is next it impossible to have a full time job and 
go to BYU.   Plus BYU doesn't teach a lot of practical stuff in my 
opinion.  For example my younger brother graduated from BYU in computer 
engineering he took a class where he had to  program his own database 
yet he has no clue about real world relational databases 
(oracle,postgesql,mysql) and he doesn't know SQL?  

Most people that go to UVSC have jobs and are getting real world 
experience and add degree on top of a few years of working experience 
and end up with higher paying jobs at least that is my theory.

Jeremy Hansen wrote:
>> > Grant Shipley wrote:
>> > > According to the 2005 Utah Foundation Report, UVSC bachelor degree
>> > > graduates earn more money than graduates from any other Utah college
>> > > or university.
> Some interesting facts from the report (granted, the data is a couple of
> years old):
> 55% of BYU BS degree grads earn less than 30K in their first year after
> graduation and only 4% earned over 60K (compare that to almost twice 
> as many
> from UVSC)
> Quote: "UVSC graduates, in particular, seem to have found higher paying
> jobs."
> Quote: "UVSC graduates overwhelmingly lead the way in terms of employment
> with 83.9% of its graduates in the workforce and 78.4% employed 
> full-time.
> The next highest was USU with 74.7% percent in the labor force. USU 
> and UVSC
> bachelor's graduates were employed at a significantly higher rate than 
> the
> other schools, while BYU bachelor's graduates were employed full-time 
> at the
> lowest rate [57%]".
> Now, you may accuse me of massaging or misrepresenting the numbers. In 
> that
> event, I will disavow all knowledge of said report as you are clearly
> throwing flamebait ;)
> More importantly, there is one quote from the report that should alarm us
> all (well at least those of us in Utah. Sorry Grant.)
> "Utah's starting salaries do not compare favorably with the national
> averages. The lower salaries of Utah-based graduates can probably be
> attributed directly to the lower salary levels that exist for all 
> workers in
> Utah. As evidence of this, the Utah Foundation survey found that there 
> is a
> wide disparity in salaries between graduates who find employment in 
> Utah and
> those who choose to work elsewhere. According to 2004 Bureau of Labor
> Statistics data, Utah ranked 36th nationally in average annual pay."
> http://utahfoundation.org/img/pdfs/rr673.pdf
> Jeremy
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