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Levi Pearson levi at
Thu Feb 15 11:58:18 MST 2007

"Grant Shipley" <gshipley at> writes:
> Don't forget about UVSC.
> According to the 2005 Utah Foundation Report, UVSC bachelor degree
> graduates earn more money than graduates from any other Utah college
> or university.

UVSC's CNS department is also one of the few in the state that is
accredited by ABET.  I started my CS education at BYU and I'm
finishing it at UVSC, and I don't feel that the educational quality
I'm getting has diminished.  In fact, there is a far greater emphasis
on writing code at UVSC, and there will be an actual Software
Engineering degree soon (rather than simply an emphasis on SE in the
CS degree).  There's currently a 3-class SE series that goes from the
basics principles of SE through implementing modern SE techniques in
several group projects, some of which end up being significant in

In the Advanced/High Performance Computer Architecture class, students
implement a virtual machine that runs a subset of MIPS-style assembly
language.  In the Compilers course, a full compiler for an
object-based language is written that outputs assembly for the same
virtual machine.  The AI course has several large projects, including
a nearly full chess-playing program, a theorem prover for first-order
logic, and a handwriting recognizer based on neural networks.  There's
plenty of theory, and it's immediately put to use to write code.  In
my mind, it's a very good balance, especially for people intending to
go straight into industry.

Anyway, I was pleasantly surprised.  If you're looking to finish your
degree, UVSC is a great place to do it.


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