Software Engineering (was Re: Java)

Dave Smith dave at
Thu Feb 15 11:28:33 MST 2007

Grant Shipley wrote:
> According to the 2005 Utah Foundation Report, UVSC bachelor degree
> graduates earn more money than graduates from any other Utah college
> or university.

That is than graduates from any other college or university *in Utah*.

Frankly I find that hard to believe. I don't know much about UVSC's CS 
curriculum, nor do I know many people who went to UVSC (though the few 
that I do know are excellent people -- I'm looking at you Gundies). What 
I do know is that none of the companies I have worked for have ever 
hired anyone from UVSC. They've never even recruited there. Maybe that's 
a mistake on their part. I don't know. Anyone care to comment? Maybe I 
should be encouraging our recruiting efforts toward UVSC.


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