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Scott Paul Robertson spr at mahonri5.net
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On Wed, Feb 14, 2007 at 03:48:14PM -0700, Andrew McNabb wrote:
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> 4.  I find Python to be clean and consistent all the way through, or at
> least as much as any programming language can be.  Certain themes show
> up in many different places, such as dictionaries.  A namespace is just
> a dictionary, and defining a class is really just creating a dictionary
> mapping names to attributes and methods.
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In a bit of follow-up to this point, I love the "pythonic" style. To me
it follows more of how I tend to think of problems, and lets me solve
things in an interesting and clean way.

I've done a decent variety of different things in Python since I started
using it, and find it meets my needs in many different spheres. My web
page is driven by Python. I've implemented AES in Python (it was "fast
enough"). I wrote a quick rainbow table for a truncated SHA1 hash in it
(C would've run faster). And I've done a web-based ticket system. In all
these cases Python has been up to the task, and generally fast enough
for me.

The real reason I keep using it is because I can code quickly,
efficiently, and correctly with Python.

You mentioned the 3 web-frameworks that Python has (Zope, Turbogears,
and Django). I'm a huge Django fan, and I'll just throw in some ofmy
1. Loosely Coupled - You can use a single part of Django without the
rest. I do this on my website.
2. Pythonic API - It fits will with the rest of your code, and you don't
feel like it's out of place.
3. Quick - I can get a basic blog up in half-an-hour. I got the UUG
website overhauled to it's current state in 4 hours.
4. Friendly Community - This really does matter you know.

Scott Paul Robertson
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