I want to learn a new language...

Levi Pearson levi at cold.org
Wed Feb 14 16:55:05 MST 2007

On 2/14/07, Nicholas Leippe <nick at leippe.com> wrote:
> Just curious.  I've been curious to learn python, (but haven't had the
> time/opportunity yet), but then I ran across boo, which looked extremely
> interesting to me.
> Has anyone tried boo?
> (It has python-like syntax, compiles to the .NET/mono CLI, and has some other
> significant changes.)

I tried it briefly while looking for a .NET language to use for a
project.  It may look like Python, but it's not Python.  You may like
using it, though, if what you like most about Python is the syntax.
On the other hand, as long as you're going to use a language with
inferred static types, you might as well use F#, which is a fairly
nice subset of OCaml with some changes to help it fit the .NET
environment better.  It seems to be catching on fairly well in some
circles, and there are even a couple of books on it in the works.


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