[OT] Worst Language Ever!

Steve smorrey at gmail.com
Wed Feb 14 16:29:01 MST 2007

Since there is already a thread going on best language to learn, I
figured I'ld stoke the flames a little more and break out some

I'm curious in the collective wisdom of the LUG, whats the worst
language you've ever used and why.

Specifically is there any language you have ever had to learn that you
felt dumber for having learned/used it.  Either because you expected
it to handle something outside of it's problem domain and it didn't
(or didn't handle it so well).

I actually have a small collection of candidates myself.

QBasic, in 1990 something or other, I spent a year writing a game,
only to find out that it had a 64k memory limitation, then I had to
umm borrow a copy of QuickBasic just to get it to run.

RPG, I bought 4 books on this language in yonder years before I
finally realized that despite the name, it is difficult if not
impossible to write an RPG in it (Hey I was 12 at the time and there
was no internet to help me research the subject)

VBScript, this one tops my list of all around crap languages.
Proprietary and at least when I was using it, it did not do half of
what was claimed in the manner documented by Microsoft.  Just like
cars in the 70's were Detriot trying to make us by Japanese cars.  I
firmly believe that VBScript was Microsoft trying to make me look for
other programming languages.

Anyways thats my list off the top of my head.
Anyone got a worst language ever!


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