I want to learn a new language...

Jeff Schroeder jeff at zingstudios.com
Wed Feb 14 16:22:21 MST 2007

Andrew wrote:

> Honestly almost any small project I want to hack up I usually turn to
> perl.  Not because it's a great language but because it's easy for me
> to get something working in a small amount of time in perl.
> (snip)
> A few people have noted that perl is a great tool to have regardless
> of what you love to code in and I'd have to agree.

These comments are great, and I agree wholeheartedly.  I'm not a Perl 
expert, but I use it a lot for "quick and dirty" programs where a shell 
script just won't handle it, or where I need something that does a lot 
of text processing.

I wouldn't want to spend all my time writing Perl, nor would I want to 
build a huge enterprise system in it, but it's incredibly useful for 
those one-off jobs you're always doing as part of your "regular work".

My recommendation would be to get good enough at Perl that you can whip 
up a script when you need it, but continue using Java for those big 
projects (since it sounds like you're well-versed in it already).

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