synchronizing concurrent shell scripts

Brandon Stout bms at
Tue Feb 13 16:23:44 MST 2007

Andy Bradford wrote:

> Just to through out another alternative:
> Andy

methinks you meant "throw".  Granted, "through" will make it "through"
your spell checker...

Speaking of spell checkers:

> Spelling Check Her
>     Eye halve a spelling checker
>     It came with my pea sea.
>     It plainly marks four my revue
>     Miss steaks eye kin Knot Sea.
>     Eye strikes a key and type a word
>     And weight four it two say
>     Weather eye is wrong oar write
>     It shows me strait a weigh.
>     As Soon a mist ache is maid
>     It nose bee fore two long,
>     And eye can put the error rite
>     Its rare lea ever wrongs.
>     Eye has run this poem threw it.
>     I am shore your pleased two no
>     Its letter perfect awl the weigh
>     My Checker tolled me sew.
> – Sauce Unknown

Brandon Stout

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