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Tue Feb 13 13:21:02 MST 2007

On 2/13/07, Nicholas Leippe <nick at> wrote:
> On Tuesday 13 February 2007 12:39, Michael Torrie wrote:
> > Just a few things modern IDEs offer:
> > - refactoring (the big one in my opinion)
> > - code documentation tools
> > - planning and prioritizing features (TODO)
> > - On-the-fly error checking
> > - automating the build and packaging system
> >
> > I'd be interested to hear of the things others would add to this list
> - on-the-fly recompile (Lisp anyone? :)

- Custom code templating.  You don't type "System.out.println", you
type "sysout" and then Ctrl + Space.  Don't type, "public static void
main(String[] args) {", type "main" + ctrl + space, etc.
- Open Type Dialog (never browse for a class again) (Shift + Ctrl + T)
- Open Resource Dialog (never browse for a file again) (Shift + Ctrl + R)
- Show call stack hierarchy (Ctrl + Alt + H)
- View type (class) hierarchy (Ctrl + T)
- View/Jump to any class methods (Ctrl + O)
- Jump to next/previous method (Ctrl + up or Ctrl + down)
- Jump to next/previous error (Ctrl+< or Ctrl+>)
- Custom code formatting.  Always see code formatted the "right way"
according to you.
- Classes/methods as hyperlinks (aka, true code navigation with
back/forward, etc) (F3 or Ctrl + click)
- Automagic passive backup of your source code files and the ability
to restore from a timestamped list
- Source -> Generate Getters & Setters (just define private member
vars and have the IDE make getters/setters for you)
- Source -> Generate Delegate Methods (when wrapping an object)
- Integrated source control and versioning
- Integrated visual diff (compare current file with local history or
source control server)
- Integrated unit testing
- Integrated visual debugger with the ability to fix running code

There are many more, especially when you get into plugins.


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