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Tue Feb 13 12:39:18 MST 2007

On Tue, 2007-02-13 at 11:37 -0700, Bryan Sant wrote:
> Woooooo.  The IDE features that exist today in Eclipse and IntelliJ
> are far more advanced than the IDE's of yesteryear.  If you're
> thinking, "Hey, I've used Microsoft Visual Studio.  I know what IDE's
> have to offer."  You are dead wrong.  Likewise if you've used Borland
> Turbo C++ or the like.  There is no comparison between prior IDEs and
> the modern Java IDEs.

Just a few things modern IDEs offer:
- refactoring (the big one in my opinion)
- code documentation tools
- planning and prioritizing features (TODO)
- On-the-fly error checking
- automating the build and packaging system

I'd be interested to hear of the things others would add to this list

Alas none of them, even Eclipse offer decent vim key-bindings. :(  All
the vi bindings plugins for eclipse really suck.  What we really need is
an eclipse editor class that implements the complete vim system, rather
than just key bindings.


> I suppose you could say that IDE improvements have been only
> incremental, and I'd say that language features in modern languages
> have been only incremental.
> -Bryan
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