Bryan Sant bryan.sant at
Tue Feb 13 11:32:47 MST 2007

On 2/13/07, Mark Higbee <mark at> wrote:
> True I guess that is why they invented IDE's.
> Have the IDE's gotten any better? Hopefully they are not all written in
> Java since the one I tried a while back was written in Java and was so
> painfully slow even on a decent system.   I think it was the free
> community version you could download from sun I can't remember what it
> was called anymore I gave up on it.

You used an old version of NetBeans with a slow JRE.

Java is basically as fast as C++ now, and NetBeans has improved their
code to be faster.  Try Java 6 ( and the latest NetBeans
(  Eclipse is faster still.

> Why not make the language so you don't have to use an Advanced
> auto-completion feature to keep you sane?  Good thing there are a few
> languages out there like that.

Good question.  The reason is that:

A) The auto-completion feature isn't there to keep you "sane", it's
there to make you even more productive than you could be in another
language.  The high-quality, fast and intelligent, auto-completion
that a statically typed language gives you would not be possible in a
non-statically typed language.

B) The language could be less verbose, thus reducing the keystrokes,
but I think you're saying, "Why not just use a scripting language?"
Because scripting languages are comparatively slow.  Java is insanely


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