Mark Higbee mark at
Tue Feb 13 10:36:52 MST 2007

True I guess that is why they invented IDE's.

Have the IDE's gotten any better? Hopefully they are not all written in 
Java since the one I tried a while back was written in Java and was so 
painfully slow even on a decent system.   I think it was the free 
community version you could download from sun I can't remember what it 
was called anymore I gave up on it.

Why not make the language so you don't have to use an Advanced 
auto-completion feature to keep you sane?  Good thing there are a few 
languages out there like that.

Bryan Sant wrote:
> On 2/12/07, Mark Higbee <mark at> wrote:
>> Lets see.
>> If you have to type out a bunch of crap like this just to print.
>> system.out.println
>>  How much to you have type in to get anything real done?
> Very little.  Use an IDE.  Advanced auto-completion makes it so I type
> far fewer keys than you do.
> -Bryan
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