- Recent Tragedy at Trolley Square - Sympathy

Dr. Scott S. Jones scott at fyrenice.com
Tue Feb 13 10:38:18 MST 2007

+++ Daniel [13/02/07 10:07 -0700]:
> I would also like to say my prayers are with the families of the
> victims and the survivors.  I would also like to mention that there is
> a hotline for people traumatized by the incident:  - Valley Mental
> Health Hotline: 261-1442.  If I would have been there I would call.
> I hope these condolences make it to the affected people.

I echo your prayers for those families...both of the victims and of the
foolish young man bearing the gun and responsibility. My only solace in
this is that the justice system will be deprived of another case which would
only enrich lawyers, and would otherwise darken society with a lengthy
trial, numerous analyses and studies of the deranged shooter, etc...

Swift (and COST EFFECTIVE) Justice!!!!!!!! 
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