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Mon Feb 12 23:26:15 MST 2007

Lets see.

If you have to type out a bunch of crap like this just to print.


 How much to you have type in to get anything real done?

Hill, Greg wrote:

>>>However, I stand by my
>>>point that there isn't any real monetary incentive to learn anything
>>>other than a very popular language (such as Java) right now.
>>I am in business for myself. Most of my income in the last year has
>>come from working with C/C++ and PHP as far as programming languages
>>are concerned. I had worked with Java earlier , and it was paying the
>>bills for a while, although it created a strong temptation for me to
>>use profane language. I strongly dislike continually being forced to
>>use a semi to move a roomful of furniture. I eventually convinced the
>>client to migrate to PHP.
>I couldn't agree more.  Every time I look at Java code, I question my
>desire to be a programmer.  Programming should be fun.  Luckily I've
>avoided it thus far in my career and I hope to continue to do so.
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