Bryan Sant bryan.sant at
Mon Feb 12 13:47:16 MST 2007

On 2/12/07, Levi Pearson <levi at> wrote:
> Your position seems fairly well reasoned, but it assumes a couple of
> odd and seemingly contradictory motivations:  1. One must choose which
> skills to develop based on maximizing profit potential, and 2. One
> must only choose programming skills.
> Certainly, if you are only interested in making money, there are far
> better jobs to have than the job of a programmer.  If you do in fact
> have other motivations besides making the most money possible, then it
> seems perfectly reasonable to choose to focus your skill development
> on something besides Java.  Even if Java is the most profitable
> computer language to know, that profit potential can never be the
> primary motivator, or you would be forced into another job market
> entirely!
>                 --Levi

Good point.  If all one cared about was money, there are higher paying
careers.  However, within the confines of being a geek and wanting to
program for a living, I'd like to the make the most money I can in my
chosen occupation.

So my major requirement for happiness with my job is that I be in this
industry.  Others may have stricter requirements for satisfaction with
their job.  Money may be less important compared to using their
preferred language/platform.

For me, I really enjoy programming in Java, but I would be happy
programming in anything.  I'm easy like that.


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