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Mon Feb 12 13:36:05 MST 2007

I think I completely disagree with the premise of this thread.  Maybe
I'm just an idealist, but I think that you should love what you do.  I
would much rather do something I love than get paid 50% more to do
something I hate.

Obviously your job should be able to fulfill your economic needs, but
that doesn't mean that maximizing your salary should be your only goal.
I can't honestly echo your statement that, "I'm very focused on the
skills that will make me the most money now."  Obviously I want to
invest in skills and stay employable, but that doesn't mean I can't do
things I like, too.

Part of me agrees with your statement, "Only the cowards who are
unwilling to learn something new when it is financially obvious to do so
will continue to use an unpopular language (such as the COBOL
programmers of old, or the Java programmers of the distant future)."
However, part of me wonders if there aren't people out there who really
love programming in COBOL.  I don't think I'll ever understand these
people, but there's still work for them to do, even if it isn't

I think that we should constantly be learning, and we should be flexible
enough to make changes when we need to, but I don't think we should base
all of our decisions on making the most money.

Andrew McNabb
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